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How to Find a Refuge near you

  1. You may find a Refuge near you using the NWR Locator or the NWR List by State. Note that some refuges are closed to the public.

  2. You may visit the refuge to determine how best to set up and operate a station (e.g. portable station using battery or solar panels, portable station using commercial power available at refuge, mobile station in parking area).

  3. Some refuge managers are not familiar with Amateur Radio. Understandably, they may need time to consider your proposal to operate in refuges they are responsible for and to complete the authorization process. You may want to consider several options for operating from the refuge and clearly outline them in a proposal to the refuge manager.

  4. You may wish to amend your operating plan to accommodate the refuge manager's concerns and requirements. The refuge manager has the last word on how your proposed operation will be conducted within the boundaries of the refuge. Comply with the manager's authorization and instructions to the letter.